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González, Mary


Rep. González’s HJR 11 Passes Texas House; Reauthorizes Crucial Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Funding

AUSTIN - In the year 2019, there are hundreds of thousands of Texans who cannot flush their toilets, or access clean drinking water in their homes. Earlier this afternoon, Rep. Mary González’s House Joint Resolution 11, which authorizes $200 million in bonds for water and wastewater projects in economically distressed areas throughout the state, passed out of the Texas House of Representatives.

The Economically Distressed Areas Program (EDAP) has filled the gap for many communities statewide, providing water and wastewater improvements to more than 400,000 Texans in rural and low-income areas since its creation in 1989 by the Texas Legislature. The program is absolutely imperative to the future infrastructural development of our state.

“Water is a basic need; it is a human right,” said Rep. González. “Every community should have access to working sewage and drinking water, and continuing to fund programs like EDAP are paramount to ensuring this access does exist for all Texans.”

Currently, there are no funds left in constitutional bond issuance authority for the EDAP program, and there is a need of over $360 million statewide for projects to improve water and wastewater infrastructure. The past and ongoing projects span the state, from East Texas, to the Panhandle, West Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley.

Contact: Caroline Plapinger