House Representative

Morales, Christina



Austin, TX Texas House Representative Christina Morales updates her constituents on the efforts to contain and extinguish the ITC plant fire in neighboring Deer Park.

Representative Morales is receiving periodic updates on the status of the fire and any immediate effects on District 145 from the smoke plume. As of today, the air quality levels were still at a "moderate" reading with 78 particles detected in the Houston area*. That is one step below a level that's unhealthy for sensitive groups, including senior citizens, children and those with existing heart and lung issues. A hazardous level requires a particle reading of at least 301.

There is no immediate health risk for healthy individuals outside the immediate proximity of the actual fire, but anyone with health conditions or known respiratory issues should stay indoors as a precaution and consult with their physician.

The ITC corporation is the lead on extinguishing the fire with resources from Harris County and other local first responders. Rep. Morales will be investigating if any additional State resources can be made available to support firefighting efforts and to protect those battling the blaze which as of March 19 is expected to burn for several more days.

I am very concerned about the immediate danger of the fire and health of East End residents, said Rep. Christina Morales. I along with my fellow local representatives in the area are offering any support available to extinguish the fire. After that immediate danger of the fire is subdued, I will call for environmental investigations into the long-term effects on the water and air from this catastrophe.

Rep. Morales will update constituents of any changes that affect their immediate health and safety. Constituents are encouraged to remain vigilant and look for updates from local officials fighting the fire and monitoring the smoke plume.