House Representative

González, Mary


Representative Mary González Files Bill to Create an Independent Commission for Redistricting

AUSTIN - We must ensure our democracy is safe and healthy. When members of a community are disenfranchised, they are not able to effectively advocate for their needs because they have been denied access to fair political representation. Our state’s redistricting process needs to be transparent, equitable and representative of all Texan voters. In order to create such a process, Rep. González has filed HB 3421.

HB 3421 would create an Independent Citizenship Redistricting Commission that would exercise the legislative authority of Texas to adopt a redistricting plan for Texas’ congressional districts. This commission will be comprised of 14 members, who are independent from legislative influence and reasonably representative of Texas’ diversity. Through this bill and the commission it creates, the redistricting process will be open to the input of the public.

“When our district maps are discriminatory against some voters in Texas, we fail to properly represent and advocate for them,“ Rep. Mary González said. “The creation of an Independent Citizenship Redistricting Commission will be a first step in creating a redistricting process that truly reflects the population of Texas, rather than political interest.”

Rather than leaving redistricting to partisan legislatures, other countries have processes that exclude anyone with partisan connections from the group, or choose a non-partisan Boundary Commission.