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Fierro, Art


Art Fierro Takes Oath of Office as Texas State Representative

AUSTIN – Today, accompanied by his family, friends and colleagues, Art Fierro, D-El Paso, was sworn in by Texas House Speaker Bonnen as the newest state representative of the 86th Legislature elected to represent Texas House District 79 (HD 79).

Speaker Bonnen stated, "I want to congratulate Representative Fierro on being sworn in as State Representative for District 79 today and welcome him to the Texas House of Representatives. The El Paso delegation – and the Texas House – are fortunate to gain yet another dedicated lawmaker who will work tirelessly to meet the needs of their community. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know Rep. Fierro in recent weeks -- his enthusiasm for the session is evident and contagious. I look forward to working with Rep. Fierro to tackle our priorities this session and have no doubt he will hit the ground running to get to work on his constituents’ behalf."

“It is an honor to begin my representation of the district that the longest serving El Paso lawmaker, Joe Pickett, represented so well,” said Fierro. “Recognizing there is a great deal to live up to and achieve for the constituents who have entrusted me -- my sleeves are rolled up; my team is in place and we are off to a great start.”

Fierro’s legislative goals for HD 79 include prioritizing public education, growing a skilled workforce, increasing access to health care, reducing property taxes and improving aging infrastructures.

“I look forward to joining the exceptional El Paso Delegation elected to represent our growing vibrant and diverse population,” Fierro remarked. “Through collaboration we can achieve objectives that continue to improve our communities, foster economic growth and advance initiatives that make the Lone Star State even greater. After all, each of our constituencies embody some of the best and brightest in Texas.”

“With all of the critical challenges that lawmakers must address during the remaining time of this 140-day regular legislative session, I am encouraged that teacher issues are among the emergency items and top legislative priorities for the 86th Legislature – and we as policymakers should take full advantage of this unique opportunity to find solutions for some long-overdue disservices that our educators face,” Fierro said.

CONTACT: Toni Barcellona