House Representative

Johnson, Jarvis


Representative Jarvis Johnson has filed HB 3381

Austin, Texas (March 7, 2019) - Representative Jarvis Johnson has filed HB 3381, relating to the placement and use of video recording equipment in vehicles used by child-care facilities. Following the tragic death of J.R. Pryer, Jr.or "RJ" in 2018, Rep. Johnson has filed this bill in an attempt to hold child-care centers accountable. RJ. died after being left in a hot car in late July. Rep. Johnson's bill was filed with the intent to prevent another case like RJ's from ever occurring in Texas. He aims to make sure that there is a camera rolling whenever a bus, van, or car transporting children is in use.

HB 3381 would require day-care centers to install a video camera in every vehicle used to transport more than one child, age seven years or younger, at a time. The video captured by these cameras could then be used whenever there is an investigation or a report of abuse or neglect. Upon filing HB 3381, Rep. Johnson stated:

"It is an absolute tragedy what happened to RJ. This bill was filed in an effort to make sure that such a tragedy never happens in Texas again. Putting a camera in cars will remind staff that they are accountable for each and every life in the vehicle, it will bring bad actors to justice, and it will make day-cares across the state safer."

Rep. Johnson's bill is simple but poignant. By putting a camera in the car, he expects incidents of abuse and neglect to plummet in Texas day-cares. This bill will help remove bad actors from the system and remind responsible employees that abuse and neglect are never acceptable.

Contact: Cole Wilson