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González, Mary


Representative Mary González Responds to STAAR Accuracy Reports

AUSTIN – Texas is one of only 14 states that uses standardized tests for high-stakes purposes such as grade promotion. Texas’ focus on high-stakes testing takes away from the true purpose of education - to support our students as they learn and grow.

There are grave concerns about our accountability system in Texas that need to be rectified before they are used to determine student promotion and school accountability. In light of these new findings, we must discontinue the use of high-stakes testing for school accountability until there is a full investigation of the readability of the STAAR test.

“We are setting up our students and teachers for failure by holding them responsible for an inaccurate assessment,” said Representative González. “How can we hold students accountable when we, as adults, do not provide them with an accurate assessment tool? We must act quickly and transparently to earn back the trust of our school leaders and families.”

In addition to these measures, we must start looking at alternatives to the STAAR test. Representative González has filed H.B. 108 to create a portfolio assessment pilot program for grades 3-8, which would create a testing standard for what could become a more accurate, holistic assessment of student achievement in Texas.

“By testing this method of assessment, we are giving schools another way of gauging student learning, one that is more indicative of student growth,” Representative González said. “I am confident that we, as a Legislature, can come together to fix the inaccuracies of our current accountability system and create a system that works for every student across Texas.”

Contact: Caroline Plapinger