House Representative

Springer, Drew



Austin, TX - Today, State Representative Drew Springer of House District 68 completed his filings of local administrative bills for House District 68. These bills will improve and maintain current government services for House District 68.

HB 468 will allow the Collingsworth County Hospital District to sell or lease old property and equipment to help generate revenue to fund the hospital rather than simply throw away those assets.
HB 886 will allow the Muenster Hospital District to streamline its administrative staff and board, thereby saving money for both the taxpayer and the Hospital.
HB 920 will grant concurrent jurisdiction to the County Court at Law of Cooke County with the District Court in family law cases and proceedings. This will allow for more expedient justice in the family courts by allowing the district and county courts to share resources and prevent long wait times for the disposition of family court cases.
HB 925 will allow proper and equal representation of citizens in the Gateway Groundwater Conservation District after King County joined the district.

When discussing this legislation, Rep. Springer stated, "Although these bills may not attract the attention or receive a million likes on Facebook as compared to statewide bills, they are important and necessary changes in law that will make government in HD 68 more effective and less costly for the taxpayer." Rep. Springer added, "I encourage anyone with interest in these bills to write an email or letter of support or opposition to my office in Austin, so I may be better informed on the needs of the citizens in HD 68."

Rep. Springer recently began his fourth session in the Texas House on January 8, 2019, when the Texas Legislature assembled for the 86th Session.

Jonathan Mathers