House Representative

Price, Four


Representative Price Files Major Mental Health Legislation

~Price legislation will positively impact public school students and their schools~

State Capitol, Austin, TX --

State Representative Four Price this week filed House Bill 18 and House Bill 19 which seek to provide impactful resources, support and other solutions to positively address the heightened mental health concerns in Texas public schools. "The legislation is designed to raise the awareness of mental health in public school settings, address the needs of students with mental health challenges and provide resources and training for educators," stated Representative Price. Other bills Price filed this legislative session on this subject matter are House Bill 1070 and House Bill 1335.

"The Texas Legislature, during the 2017 legislative session, made tremendous strides on raising the awareness and decreasing the stigma of mental health conditions. We also provided significant funding to address these concerns which impact every Texas community and almost every Texas family. Despite this significant progress, one area where we need to do more concerns children's mental health. Given that approximately ninety percent of Texas children attend public schools that is where a real and impactful nexus can be had with emphasis on early intervention," stated Representative Price.

The bills filed by Representative Price are reflective of input received from many concerned Texans. "I am grateful to all of the subject matter experts and members of the public who testified before committees and who have visited with my staff and me. In drafting these bills, my office gathered salient and valuable information from educators, counselors, mental health professionals, advocates, and, of course, students and parents," commented Price.

Representative Price has been working on children's mental health matters since 2016 when he chaired the House Select Committee on Mental Health. Price also participated in the Governor's roundtable on school safety, which included robust discussions on mental health in schools.