House Representative

Middleton, Mayes


Representative Mayes Middleton files local government ethics bill

AUSTIN, TEXAS, February 7th, 2019– Representative Mayes Middleton filed legislation aimed at increasing transparency in local government.

Middleton said in a statement: “Before I ran for office, I sought to increase transparency and accountability of local government in Chambers County. I now am seeking to do so for all Texas counties and all Texas local government. Elected office needs to be about public service, not self-service.” Representative Middleton then submitted House Bill 1473 to the House Clerk. House Bill 1473 Requires increased disclosure of business relationships by local elected officials.

Representative Middleton continued, “Texans are fed-up with politicians profiting from their elected positions because of toothless ethics laws with massive loopholes.”

Mayes Middleton, along with his wife, Macy, and three sons, Connor, Christian, and Matthew, live in Wallisville, Texas. Mayes is a 7th generation Chambers County resident and Texan. Mayes is President of Middleton Oil Company, an independent oil and gas company that operates wells in South Texas and along the Gulf Coast, and is engaged in joint exploration ventures. In addition to his work in the oil and gas industry, Mayes also runs his ranching, cattle, and farming operations. He and his wife support numerous local community organizations and faith-based charities.