House Representative

Zwiener, Erin


Representative Erin Zwiener Files Two Bills to Protect the Beauty of the Hill Country

Austin, TX -- Representative Erin Zwiener filed two bills today—HB 1303 and HB 1304—to protect the beauty of the Hill Country and its natural resources.

The Hill Country Scenic Highways Bill, HB 1303, prohibits the placement of billboards along three Hill Country highways: RM 1826, RM 150, and RM 967. Billboards create visual and light pollution, reduce the property values of surrounding neighborhoods and subdivisions, and usually remain once erected. HB 1303 is supported by the Friendship Alliance, Hill Country Alliance, and Rim Rock Subdivision.

“Western Hays County is growing fast, but folks visit and move here because of the beautiful scenery,” said Representative Zwiener. “We must protect our tourism, our property values, and our beautiful views.”

The Hays Trinity Groundwater Forever Bill, or HB 1304, gives the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (HTGCD) more tools to manage our groundwater resources. Right now, the HTGCD can only levy fees on new development. This bill would allow HTGCD to collect a production fee and have funding source that resembles other comparable groundwater districts. This will provide HTGCD a more consistent and stable source of funding, so that they can better protect groundwater, wells, and springs. HB 1304 also allows the HTGCD to establish more uniform well construction standards across the district to prevent aquifer contamination.

“The Hill Country is iconic for its limestone springs, streams, and rivers,” said Representative Zwiener. “As our community continues to grow, our groundwater districts need the tools to manage our water resources effectively and protect both private wells and our beautiful waterways.”

Contact: Joe Green