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Thierry, Shawn


Speaker Bonnen Appoints Representative Shawn Thierry to Three Committees for 86th Legislative Session

Austin, Texas: (Monday, January 25, 2019) This week, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen announced his list of House Committee assignments for the 86th Legislative Session. State Representative Shawn Thierry was appointed to serve on three influential committees: Transportation, Land and Resource Management, and House Administration. "I am very grateful to Speaker Bonnen for granting me the committees that I requested. These placements will provide unique opportunities to advance the needs of my District, while working in the best interests of all Texans,” remarked Representative Thierry.

“I represent Harris County, which is the third most populous county in the United States. In order to meet the demands of our growing population, I believe we must craft innovative legislation to improve our infrastructure, while making transportation systems safe, and more affordable. Accessible transit is a growing need of my constituency. My purpose is to help implement equitable transportation policy, while ensuring everyone (regardless of where they live) has mobility options,” said Rep. Thierry. “My goal is to apply our taxpayer dollars wisely on projects that improve quality of life through better transit options, such as connecting folks to employment centers and institutions of education, while increasing economic activity through tourism. This session, significant legislation will be brought before the Transportation Committee, and my voice will help to achieve equity in policy that directly benefits residents in both our urban and rural communities.”

“This newly formed committee oversees a powerful group of state agencies, including the School Land Board, the Board for Lease of University lands, and most notably, the General Land Office, which manages state lands, helps fund Texas public education through the Permanent School Fund, and plays a vital role in natural disaster relief and recovery. My placement on Land and Resource Management also ensures that the constituents of District 146 have an advocate in local and state matters involving “kitchen table” issues such as zoning, annexation, eminent domain, and other government regulation of land use. “

“I am humbled that the Speaker has entrusted me to serve on the only procedural committee that adopts the annual budget for each House department, implements House rules, and oversees all House employees. I intend to work with my fellow committee members to ensure that the House continues to operate in the most efficient, effective, and ethical manner.

Media Contact: Angela Beam