House Representative

Bowers, Rhetta


Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers announces she has been placed on three impactful committees by House Speaker Dennis Bonnen

Rowlett, Texas. - On Wednesday morning, January 23, 2019, members of the Texas House of Representatives received their committee appointments from Speaker Dennis Bonnen. Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers (HD 113) is honored to announce that she has been placed on three extremely impactful committees by the House Speaker; Corrections, Juvenile Justice and Family Issues, and Local and Consent Calendars.

"I believe my years of experience as a teacher will be an asset to the House committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues. Here, I will be a strong voice for children and families facing a number of challenging issues such as foster care, divorce, custody, child support matters as well as truancy, and juvenile punishment and sentencing. I will utilize my appointment on this committee to move legislation that is intended to strengthen and empower families that are caught in the vicious cycle of our legal system and begin to put an end to the school to prison pipeline that is plaguing our current systems."

"Statistics show that more than 4 in 10 offenders will return to state prison within 3 years of their release, and, that 77% of offenders will return to prison within 5 years of their release because they are not equipped with the tools necessary to successfully reenter free society. This has caused local governments to face escalating coasts for maintaining public safety and a host of other serious problems such as homelessness, drug addiction, mental health, disability, veteran issues, chronic illness, and emergency medial care. The short answer to what's wrong with our Texas criminal system is that we put too many nonviolent offenders in prison for too long, and when they get out, most are unprepared to rejoin society in a way that keeps them from going back. I want to get to work, to fix this problem with my appointment on the Corrections committee."

"Being a freshman legislator, your fear is always that your voice will be lost in the crowd of 149 other legislators. These committee appointments, along with my appointment on the Local and Consent Calendars, proves that Speaker Bonnen really did hear, not just listened, to all the members in the Texas house and wanted to include all in his bipartisan effort to bring more unity and transparency to the floor of the Texas House of Representatives."