House Representative

White, James


DPS and Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Clarify That Driver License Offices Will Not be Closed

(Austin, TX) – A few weeks ago, State Representative James White joined with other members of the Texas House of Representatives that represent districts in opposition to a Texas Sunset Advisory Commission recommendation to close driver license offices. As a result of this legislative opposition and public outcry, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission have made the decision not to close any driver license offices.

The Sunset Commission met and in a unanimous decision of the 11 members present voted to reject recommendation 1.1: Require DPS to develop and implement a plan to close inefficient driver license offices.

"The need for services in my district currently are not adequate and a closure of any of these facilities could further increase the burden on hardworking Texans. Some are already having to drive long distances and take off many hours from school and work for even the simplest licensure transactions, such as a renewal," said Rep. White. "The Texas DPS is a popular and proud law enforcement agency in Southeast Texas. This agency is capable of handling any mission on behalf of their Texas citizens. In particular, many of the DPS license customer service representatives and county license deputies are hard working public servants. We need to give them the 21st century tools and facilities to assist their fellow rural Texans,” Rep White continues. “In fact, not only do we need the Tyler and Jasper county offices to remain open, we need service days and hours extended in Woodville and the facility in Japer upgraded. Hardin is a fast growth county that needs a full-time office and the facility in Livingston needs upgrading in response to the growth in Polk County. I am glad to see that the recommendation was fully rejected and am asking DPS to work toward improving services in rural Southeast Texas," said Rep. White.

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