House Representative

Price, Four


Price as Co-Author of House Bill 21 and House Bill 30 sees passage of these bills as positive steps for Public Schools and Retired Teachers

~ Price supported all legislation the House sent to the Governor’s desk ~

House Bill 21 with Senate amendments passed the Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday which primarily accomplishes additional funding for public schools in the sum of 351 million dollars and an additional 212 million dollars to help assist in health insurance premium relief for retired public school teachers who participate in the Texas Public School Employees Group Insurance Program better known as TRS-Care. The $351 million of additional public school funding includes $150 million to fund financial hardship grants for districts that would have otherwise experienced a significant loss of revenue during the 2017-18 or 2018-19 school years; $60.0 million to increase funding for the Existing Debt Allotment; $41.0 million for the small-sized district adjustment for districts that contain less than 300 square miles; and $40 million increase in funding for innovative services to public school students with autism or with dyslexia. Regarding retired teachers health insurance, Representative Price stated, “I am pleased that TRS-Care relief was included in House Bill 21. We must honor the promises Texas made to our retired public school teachers.”

House Bill 30 is the appropriations bill that provides for how the money is to be specifically disbursed. House Bill 21, as originally passed and sent to the Senate by the House by a vote of 130 to 13, called for an infusion of an additional $1.8 billion into public education. “While I and many of my House colleagues are disappointed that the bill was sent back to us with such a lower amount, any additional funding is a step in the right direction. Improving our public education finance system must remain a major priority. This is also the only way to provide true and meaningful tax relief for all local property taxpayers,” said Representative Price.

Hal Talton