House Representative

Shaheen, Matt



Bill Restricts Massive Local Property Tax Hikes unless Approved by Majority of Voters

AUSTIN—State Representative Matt Shaheen filed H.B. 220, creating relief for millions of Texans suffering from high property taxes. "This week I filed H.B. 220, which restricts local governments from substantially raising your property taxes without voter approval," said Shaheen. "High property taxes are by far the number one complaint that I receive and H.B. 220 allows for bypassing government bureaucrats and brings the issue directly to the voters."

The bill addresses the "rollback" tax rate in Texas—currently set at 8%—and reduces it to 5%, meaning that if local entities raise property taxes more than 5%, an automatic election to ratify that raise is triggered. If taxpayers vote against the rise in property taxes, the rate returns to 5%. "Many of our local governments have increased spending at rates that far exceed population and economic growth. My bill delivers much needed relief to all Texans while still allowing local entities to make their case to the voters as to why these increases are necessary."

The bill is one of the twenty items Governor Abbott placed on his call for a legislative special session. "I look forward to working with the rest of the House, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, and Governor Abbott in providing meaningful property tax relief to Texas families," said Shaheen.

"Ultimately, property taxes should be a reflection of the services necessary to keep local governments functioning. No one should have more of a say in that debate than the people who foot the bill."