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Lambert, Stan


Representative Lambert's HB 3433 On to Gov. Abbott for Signature

Rep. Stan Lambert is pleased to announce passage of HB3433 in both chambers of the Texas Legislature. Authored by Rep. Lambert and carried by Senator Charles Perry in the Texas Senate, this bill would add economic protection to rural communities.

Under current law, state agencies considering the adoption of a rule that will have an adverse economic effect on a small business or micro-business shall reduce that effect if doing so is legal and feasible. This protection prevents measures approved by state agencies from debilitating these businesses while giving full consideration to the economic impact the rule would create. State agencies also determine how to reconcile protecting small businesses and micro-businesses while still achieving the purpose of the proposed rule. HB3433 adds "rural communities" to this statute and defines them as municipalities with a population of less than 25,000.

Many rural areas in Texas could potentially suffer from the adoption of state agency rules that significantly affect key industries in small towns. This bill creates a method of protecting the economic health of rural areas in Texas by requiring state agencies to give due consideration to the influence the adoption of a rule will have on those communities.

When approved by Governor Greg Abbott, HB3433 will become effective on September 1, 2017.

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