House Representative

Lambert, Stan


Representative Lambert Votes For Increased Funding for TRS-Care

On Wednesday, the Texas House passed H.B. 3976, which was co-sponsored by Representative Lambert. This bill will help the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and its insurance program (TRS Care) alleviate a $1 billion budget shortfall. Without any intervention by this legislature, the retirees would have had to carry the full burden of this shortfall.

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas is the state agency responsible for overseeing the retirement pensions of those who work in the Texas Public School System. TRS-Care is the health insurance program that more than 260,000 retired Texas educators and paraprofessionals rely on.

"With healthcare costs rising over the past decade, without intervention, some of our most dedicated public servants would face staggering premium increases, benefit cuts, or a combination of both. The Texas House budget includes a one-time infusion of cash, as well as an increase in the ongoing state appropriations for TRS-Care. While this is not a complete fix, it is progress for those who dedicated their lives to our children," remarked Representative Lambert.

Contact: Seth Juergens