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Leach, Jeff


State Representative Jeff Leach and Legislative Leaders Honor American Hero & U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson

AUSTIN - Today, State Representative Jeff Leach joined legislative leaders to honor U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives.

"Congressman Sam Johnson is one of the most honored, respected and admired leaders this nation has ever known. He embodies the meaning of American patriot and our nation, state and community are immensely blessed by his leadership. It is a tremendous honor to welcome Congressman Johnson to his state Capitol and to recognize him alongside my colleagues in the Texas House,” stated Leach.

Members honored Johnson by recognizing him from the House Chamber and adopting House Resolution 1316. Authored by members of the Collin County Delegation, including Representatives Leach, Laubenberg, Sanford, Shaheen & Holland, House Resolution 1316 honors Congressman Johnson for his lifetime of public service and highlights his military, legislative and congressional accomplishments.

CONTACT: Mary McClure