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Thompson, Ed


Representative Ed Thompson Files Legislation Aimed at Improving Landfills

AUSTIN – Today, Representative Ed Thompson (Pearland) filed HB 2958, a bill relating to a temporary moratorium on permits for municipal solid waste facilities. The bill was filed to evaluate the operational procedures that solid waste facilities, or landfills, use, as well as curb the development of new landfills in Texas until tighter regulations can be achieved.

“My impetus for filing this legislation is simple: a landfill located outside my district has caused a number of issues and raised some serious concerns with the residents who are in my district,” Thompson said. “I want to reevaluate the current oversight and permitting for landfills so that we can hopefully prevent what has occurred in my community from happening in other parts of the state. We have to operate within the requirements set forth by the current statute concerning the violations against the facility just outside my district, but I believe it is imperative that we examine the guidelines that landfill companies are required to follow to see where we can make some needed improvements to the current system.”

To view HB 2958 and track its progress, please visit the Texas Legislature Online website at: