House Representative

Thierry, Shawn


Rep. Thierry Calls Newly Filed 'Sandra Bland Act': "An Historic Piece of Legislation"

"Today, on the steps of the Texas Supreme Court, I stood with Rep. Garnet Coleman, as he announced his historic new legislation, HB 2702, the 'Sandra Bland Act.' Because of Chairman Coleman's leadership, I and my fellow members of the House will have the opportunity to address how law enforcement and corrections personnel deal with racial disparities, mental health of inmates, and departmental accountability."

The Sandra Bland Act provides for increased police training on de-escalation techniques and mental health awareness, jail-to-treatment diversion programs, and bans consent searches during routine traffic stops.

"Change does not occur overnight, but if passed, I believe the Sandra Bland Act will create lasting institutional change and ultimately save lives," said Rep. Thierry.