House Representative

Thierry, Shawn


Representative Shawn Thierry Introduces Economic Development Bill to Boost Small Businesses in the Texas Energy Industry

Austin, Texas: Rep. Shawn Thierry (Houston) introduced legislation today designed to increase small businesses and bring jobs and opportunities to diverse business enterprises. HB 1931 bolsters the participation of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) in advanced clean energy projects. The bill will require major commercial contractors to submit an annual plan to the State Energy Conservation Office specifying efforts taken to increase HUB contract procurement. The State Energy Conservation Office oversees the loan and grant disbursement process for the development of all clean energy and energy efficiency projects in Texas.

“Entrepreneurship is a vital part of the American dream, and minorities, women, and disabled veteran-owned business certainly deserve to have a fair shot at participating in this rapidly growing industry,” said Rep. Thierry. "HB 1931 promotes transparency and awareness by calling for major commercial recipients of clean energy grants and loans to post a HUB procurement plan on company websites and on the website for the State Energy Conservation Office. The bill also establishes an Inclusion Task Force which will review and make recommendations to the energy industry on how to best foster business relationships with HUBs."

"I am excited that HB 1931 will provide a seat at the table for businesses which, historically, have not been included in the procurement process. I feel this is a smart step in the effort to strengthen small businesses and increase the economic development of our under-served communities,” remarked Representative Thierry.

Contact: David Glenn