House Representative

Anderson, Charles "Doc"


State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson Elected Chairman of the Texas Legislative Rural Caucus

February 13, 2017 (AUSTIN)—Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson (District 56-Waco) was chosen to serve a third term as Chairman of the Rural Caucus for the 85th Texas Legislature. The Rural Caucus is a bi-partisan group of legislators from both the House and the Senate which meets during session to keep informed, and communicate with the Legislature at large on matters of interest to the rural community in Texas, providing a strong, cohesive voice on the rural perspective in legislative matters.

"I'm very honored by the confidence my fellow legislators have placed in me," Rep. Anderson said. "It is a pleasure and a privilege to work on behalf of rural Texans to maintain an effective presence in the legislative process."

A member of the House, and Rural Caucus, since 2005, Rep. Anderson has previously served as Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Agriculture & Livestock, and currently serves as Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Energy Resources. While agriculture and livestock issues are sure to have much in common with rural interests, Rep. Anderson pointed out that far-reaching policy on most major state issues will impact rural Texas as well.

"From water, to transportation, to education, to the state budget," Rep. Anderson said, "rural Texas will always have a vital voice in the shaping and continued success of our great state. Rural Texas has historically had a transformative role in the shaping of Texas, and this role will continue in the future."

The caucus will have meetings during session to gather input on emerging issues in the 85th Legislature and is open to membership of the House, Senate, and statewide elected officials.