House Representative

Blanco, CÚsar


Rep. Blanco Appointed Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Defense and Veterans' Affairs

Austin, Texas- Today, Speaker Straus announced committee appointments for the Texas House of Representatives for the 85th Texas Legislature. Representative César Blanco was appointed as Vice-Chairman of the House Committee on Defense and Veterans' Affairs. Rep. Blanco was also appointed to serve on the House Committee on Land and Resource Management.

Representative César Blanco issued the following statement:

"I am honored to be appointed Vice-Chairman of the Defense and Veterans' Affairs Committee. I thank Speaker Straus for his confidence and trust in this appointment.

"As Vice-Chairman, I will continue to champion issues that improve opportunities and care for our brave men and women who selflessly served our great Country. It is important, as a legislature, we stand by the promises we have made to our veterans and their families, such as the Hazlewood education benefit.

"I will also work to improve our military infrastructure, including strengthening our military communities to improve local economies and protect against future BRACs. The 15 major military installations in Texas generate more than $136.6 billion in economic activity here each year, and add $81.4 billion to our gross state product. They also generate $48.1 billion in annual personal income and support, directly and indirectly, nearly 806,000 Texas jobs. Promoting our military communities is a matter of state and economic security.

"As a member of the Land and Resource Management Committee, I will work to ensure we are responsible stewards of our public lands and resources. As a supporter of private property rights, we must also ensure eminent domain laws are not abused. I look forward to working on other committee issues related to annexation, zoning and governmental regulation of land use."