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Neave, Victoria


Rep. Victoria Neave Files Legislation to Help Victims of Sexual Assault

Austin, TX: Rep. Victoria Neave (HD-107) has filed legislation to help victims of sexual assault. House Bill 1729 would generate revenue to test evidence, including rape kits, collected in cases of sexual assault. The revenue would come from voluntary donations made by individuals applying for, or renewing their driver's license. Similar voluntary donation programs in Texas generated between $1 million and $1.4 million in 2016.

"We have an opportunity to help victims and survivors get justice," said Rep. Victoria Neave. "Through this legislation, Texans can come together to back law enforcement officers, support women, and help to stop repeat offenders. The small, collective efforts of Texans from across the state will make an impact in ending the rape-kit backlog."

The Department of Public Safety has previously estimated that there are 20,000 rape kits awaiting testing in police storage facilities across the state.

The Dallas Police Department currently has 1,100 rape kits awaiting testing. The Dallas County Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences has 1,482 rape kits awaiting testing.

Victoria Neave represents Texas House District 107, which includes parts of East Dallas, Mesquite, and Garland. She serves on the House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence and the House County Affairs Committees.