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Rep. Koop Files Legislation to Include Law Enforcement Procedures in Driver Education

Austin, Texas: Representative Linda Koop filed H.B.1372 to include law enforcement procedures in the required curriculum for driver education courses. All driver education courses in the state would be required to include the following curriculum:

• information relating to law enforcement procedures for traffic stops,
• information regarding appropriate interactions with law enforcement, and
• a demonstration of actions to be taken during a traffic stop.

"This is a common sense bill about education and safety," says Rep. Koop. "It is clear to me after speaking with law enforcement in my district that students learning how to drive should be aware of how an officer will give instruction, and how they should respond to the officer. This sounds like information that most drivers should already know, but we can't assume that."

The Texas Commission on Licensing and Regulation establishes and approves the curriculum and educational materials that are used in Texas driver education courses. Currently, curriculum required to be taught includes alcohol and drug awareness, traffic laws, motorcycle awareness, and information on litter prevention and driving distractions. H.B. 1372 would require the commission to develop the guidelines through a collaborative process to include input from community leaders and local law enforcement. The bill would include law enforcement procedures in all driver education, including online and parent-taught courses.

"The Dallas Police Department appreciates Rep. Koop's concern and insight for the need to better inform the public on expectations and preferred behavior when interacting with law enforcement during traffic stops," says Assistant Chief of Police, Gary Tittle. "Her efforts will surely help make Texas safer for everyone and will enable law enforcement to better serve our communities."

Contact: Ryan Sparks