House Representative

Swanson, Valoree


Representative Swanson Files HB 1049: The Texas Physician Abortion Ban

A new approach to preventing elective abortion-on-demand

I, Representative Valoree Swanson, have filed House Bill 1049, the Texas Physician Abortion Ban to abolish abortion on demand in Texas.

Under HB 1049, performing an elective abortion would result in the physician losing her or his license to practice medicine in the state of Texas.

HB 1049 will add a 22nd offense (killing of an unborn child) to the 21 current offenses listed under the Texas Occupations Code, Section 164.0529(a).

HB 1049 also outlines several exemptions to the offense, declarable only by a licensed practitioner. Those exemptions include ectopic pregnancy, a woman pregnant with multiple unborn children and the abortion is necessary to ensure that at least one child is born alive and healthy, or to avert the death or serious risk of substantial and irreversible injury of the mother.

Rosemary Graber