House Representative

Springer, Drew



Austin, TX--This week, Representative Drew Springer filed the remainder of his bills in support of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These measures do not create any new rules or regulations but rather help owners, architects, and builders to follow current ADA laws through the use of education and prior notifications for projects that qualify for ADA compliance.

Rep. Springer stated, "People with disabilities are the one minority that anyone can become a part of in the blink of an eye. By educating and ensuring buildings are up to standards before construction or remodeling, we can ensure that buildings are more accessible to all. No one's intent is to single out people with disabilities, and therefore streamlining government to make ADA requirements easier to follow ultimately makes current laws more efficient and effective without creating any burdensome regulations."

Rep. Springer's ADA bills include HB 284, a bill that would allow residents in assisted living centers to have the right to request seatbelts for their wheelchairs. Additionally, he filed HB 1121, a bill that would require any Public University to teach ADA building codes to any student seeking an Architect undergraduate or graduate degree, as well as HB 1123, a bill that would require ADA compliance in the continuing Education of Architects. Representative Springer also filed a bill that would give advance notification of projects that require ADA compliance and then ensure those plans are ADA compliant before receiving a certificate of occupancy.

Rep. Springer will continue to file bills focused on promoting and protecting the rights of rural citizens. For any questions or concerns about these bills, please contact Rep. Springer's Austin office at 512.463.0526 or his District Office at 940.580.1770.