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Murphy, Jim


Representative Murphy files HB 1059 Re-attachment Bill, to help ISDs and protect taxpayers

JANUARY 17, 2017 - Austin - State Representative Jim Murphy filed HB 1059, relating to the reattachment of property detached from a school district by the Texas Commissioner of Education.

Chapter 41 of the Texas Education Code (also known as the "Robin Hood" plan) requires wealthy school districts to send funds to school districts that are property poor. These payments, known as "recapture" are being paid by more ISDs than ever.

Currently, Texas school districts choose to either pay the scheduled recapture funds or have the Texas Education Agency "detach" property (and its associated tax revenue). There is no statute for "reattaching" property that has been detached. HB 1059 would establish a mirror-image process for reattachment of previously detached property when circumstances dictate.

"If property can be detached from an ISD, certainly the reversal of those circumstances should cause the reattachment of the property to make an ISD whole. The remedy here is to balance the detachment process so that the TEA has the guidance to manage the changing environment of school finance" said Murphy.

State Representative Jim Murphy represents District 133, West Houston. First elected in 2006, Murphy serves as Chairman of the House Committee on Corrections and is a member of the Ways & Means Committee. Murphy also serves as Floor Leader for the House Caucus.

Representative Murphy is available for questions and comments.
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