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Cain, Briscoe


Rep. Cain Files First Bill to Codify Government Transparency Lawsuit Victory

On Thursday January 12, Representative Briscoe Cain filed HB 1004, officially repealing a long-standing prohibition on the use of legislative video in political campaigns. Prior to a successful lawsuit filed by Cain, it was illegal under Texas law for political candidates and legislative groups to share videos of state legislators debating legislation on the floor. It is the first of a series legislative priorities the Freshman Representative plans to file in the coming weeks.

“Last year, I successfully sued the Texas Ethics Commission to stop enforcing this unconstitutional law,” said Representative Cain. “HB 1004 makes it official. No longer will Texas citizens be kept in the dark on how their legislators vote during session.”

Briscoe Cain is the State Representative for House District 128, located in Southeast Harris County. He is currently serving his first term in the Texas House of Representatives.

Contact: Brandon Waltens