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Murphy, Jim


Representative Jim Murphy Files 14 Bills Ahead of 85th Session

Houston, TX - January 4, 2016 - State Representative Jim Murphy pre-filed 14 bills for the 85th Legislative Session, which begins on January 10th The bills achieve the ongoing goals of the 5-term Representative by improving public safety, expanding educational attainment, growing our economy, and ensuring integrity at the ballot box.

Murphy addresses public safety issues in HB 383 and HB 387. HB 387 allows smaller municipalities to have the same ability to protect schools and youth-oriented areas from registered sex offenders, an ability already utilized by larger municipalities. HB 383 allows judges to provide greater punishment for habitual, "career" criminals.

Four bills are aimed at improving our schools. HB 382 and 467 both strengthen the finances of our public charter schools without spending more State funds. For higher education students, HB 802 and 385 create needed transparency in the college application process and increase access for non-traditional students to the Affordable Baccalaureate Program.

HB 386 and HB 388 will grow our state economy by improving our state's valuable Economic Development Act and repealing the onerous and unpopular franchise tax.

HB 384 and HB 389 will protect ballot integrity. HB 389 ensures that voter's addresses are tied to residencies and not empty lots or businesses. HB 384 provides that photo identification is added to voter registration cards, making additional photo ID at the polls unnecessary.

"The first bills I have filed reflect the concerns and priorities of my constituents. We are fully engaged in our community, and I want to put my experience and great team to work for our folks in HD 133. When it comes to the economy, safety, education, and the needs of Texans, we are ready to do what it takes," said Murphy.

Representative Murphy is available for questions and comments.
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