House Representative

González, Mary


State Rep. Mary Gonzalez announced the filing of bills addressing public education, veterans , and social justice issues.

Austin, Texas- State Rep. Mary Gonzalez announced the filing of bills addressing public education, veterans , and social justice issues.

"I am very excited to go back to Austin to represent District 75. There is much work to do, and I look forward to leading the way on issues that affect our communities in El Paso County and across Texas.", said Rep. Gonzalez.

Today, November 14, is the first day to pre-file legislation for the upcoming 85th legislative session. Representative Gonzalez filed 8 pieces of legislation, including three major public education proposals.

Public education bills include a proposed raise of the basic allotment under the foundation school program, a proposed raise of bilingual education weights provided under the public school finance system, and a plan to provide full-day Pre-K..

Currently the basic funding allotment entitled to each student in a district is equal to the lesser of $4,765 and results from the following formula of district ’s compressed tax rate divided by state maximum compressed tax rate. Rep. Gonzalez seeks to increase the possible funding to $5,140, instead of $4,765.

A raise in the bilingual education weights would entail an increase per each student in the funding formula where .1 is currently multiplied by the basic allotment equation. Rep. Gonzalez seeks to change that to .2.

Gonzalez, who is currently working on her Ph.D. in education has fast become recognized for her knowledge and expertise in Texas school finance and public school policy.

"Education is one of my life's callings, and I have long sought to be a champion for it. Many opportunities we are given as individuals start with the foundation laid by our schools, Rep. Gonzalez said."

Gonzalez also filed 5 more bills. These bills include creating a database of employers who have been found guilty of wage theft(HB 202), and creating a waiver of state park fees for United States veterans(HB 203).

HB 329 calls for the annual submission of State Agencies that a mother friendly with their breast feeding policies. HB 330 seeks to include certain minors the right to consent to examination or medical treatment related to contraception. HB 331 relates to preventing indecency with a child by amending the education, family, and penal codes to address the creation of educational manuals, prosecution of the act, and report it.

"I am very passionate about the bills I bring for consideration by the legislature and look forward to much needed discussions with fellow members as we navigate session looking for much needed solutions," Rep. Gonzalez said.