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Fallon, Pat


State Rep. Fallon requests Texas Department of Agriculture to suspend proposed fee increases

Austin, TX— Last week, State Rep. Pat Fallon (Denton County) expressed his concern with the Texas Department of Agriculture's proposed fee increases for many of the industries it regulates. In a letter written to Commissioner Sid Miller, Rep. Fallon wrote that the "proposed fee increases will have a negative impact and could potentially have dire consequences on the agricultural industry as a whole."

The Texas Department of Agriculture plans to increase fees for a variety of agricultural licenses, registrations and services it provides. The proposed fee increases are set to be enacted on December 1, 2015.

Rep. Fallon is requesting that the Texas Department of Agriculture suspend the planned increases in order to fully analyze the statewide impact. "Given the amount of the potential increases, I believe it is imperative that TDA provide an analysis considering the potential effects fully" he writes. Rep. Fallon joins with 72 other House Members, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and other stakeholders in asking Commissioner Miller to delay the fee increases in order to take a more thorough look at the potential impact it will have on Texas farmers and ranchers.


Contact: Nicholas Wat