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Fallon, Pat


Rep. Pat Fallon Fights to Improve Transparency & Protect Property Values

Austin, TX— State Rep. Pat Fallon (Denton County) recently laid out House Bill 862 in the Texas House of Representatives’ State Affairs Committee. HB 862 will require utility companies to notify in writing all homeowners of a subdivision that falls within 300 feet of proposed power lines. Current law limits notification to only those homeowners whose property is within 300 feet of proposed lines.

“We need utility companies to operate with more transparency. We plan to shine a brighter light on the process and decision-making that goes into power line proposals,” said Representative Fallon. “This bill ensures that every homeowner in a subdivision will be notified of proposed power lines that will directly impact their property values.”

HB 862 is part of Rep. Fallon’s legislative package of bills focusing on reforming government, increasing transparency, and securing the border. Members have until June 1 to navigate their bills through the House and Senate and onto the Governor's desk for signing.

"It’s an uphill battle, but HB 862 is the right thing to do," said Rep. Fallon. “Unsightly power lines will undoubtedly impact the property values of entire subdivisions; therefore, each homeowner in the subdivision deserves to receive notice.”

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