House Representative

González, Mary


Representative Mary E. González Works to Defend Texas Public Schools

AUSTIN, TX – Today, House Bill 66, authored by State Rep. Mary E. González, was voted out of the House.

House Bill 66 would exempt English language learners' test scores on a school’s performance rating for up to two years after a student enrolls in the district, and ensures that a performance rating cannot be lowered based on the scores of these students.

"No one wants to use testing that isn't accurate to measure our schools' success rates," Rep. González said. “In the past few years we’ve seen an increase in immigrant students, and because of that, we want to make sure that teachers and schools in Texas don’t have unnecessary consequences based on our standardized testing.”

There are over 900,000 students in Texas schools who are English language learners. According to research by Stanford University, it takes ELL students, on average, 3-5 years to obtain oral proficiency in English, and 4-7 years to gain academic proficiency – which is the standard measured by testing.

For more information on the bills, please contact Genevieve Cato, Legislative Director, at (512)