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González, Mary


Representative Mary E. González Works to Defend the Texas Ecosystem

AUSTIN, TX - Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th, a bill authored by State Rep. Mary E. González supporting the responsible removal of electronic waste will be heard before the House Environmental Regulation Committee.

Electronic waste (E-Waste) is a threat to the Texas ecosystem, as it contaminates our water supply, our air and soil. E-waste contains toxic materials including, but not limited to, lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. Currently, Texas does not require large retailers to have a recycling programs for e-waste.

"As we continue to reap the benefits of new technology, we have to make sure that there are tools and pathways to ensure that the waste that is made is responsibly taken care of," Rep. González said. "This legislation will help ensure that systems are created to fix this issue now for future generations."

House Bill 87 requires large retailers to provide a program for recycling their electronic waste. At this time, only manufacturers are required to have recycling centers for consumers to dispose of their electronic devices..

For more information on the bill, please contact Genevieve Cato, Legislative Director, at (512)

Genevieve Cato
Legislative Director
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