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Fallon, Pat


State Rep. Fallon Files Legislation to Secure the Border and Increase Government Transparency

Austin, TX— State Rep. Pat Fallon (Denton County) has filed his legislative package for the 84th legislative session. Friday, March 13 marked the deadline for all bills and joint resolutions to be filed in the Texas House. Over 4,200 bills were filed in the 150 member House and over 2,000 bills were filed in the 30 member Senate.

Rep. Fallon filed 34 bills in total with a focus on reforming government, increasing transparency, and securing the border. "Our government has become increasingly bigger and self-serving," said Rep. Fallon. "The bills I've filed focus on shining a light on government, ensuring officials are held accountable , and adding resources to help secure our porous southern border."

Rep. Fallon has filed House Bill 4120 that would give additional resources to border security. This bill requires a 10% fee on any money transmissions being sent to a foreign country for individuals that cannot provide proof of their legal status here in Texas. This fee would be deposited into an account that could only be appropriated to the Department of Public Safety or the Texas National Guard to provide funding for border security efforts.

One bill filed by Rep. Fallon that aims to reform government, House Bill 425, would disqualify elected officials who are convicted of a felony of related to an abuse of their office. "Astoundingly, a member who is convicted of a felony abuse of their office is still eligible to receive their pension from the state," said Rep. Fallon. "This practice is a disservice to the taxpayers of Texas and must cease immediately."

Another bill that would increase government transparency, House Bill 283, would require certain local governmental entities to post and archive video of their regularly scheduled meetings online. "Texans all live very busy lives and can't always find the time to attend every meeting that they'd like to," said Rep. Fallon. "This bill would ensure that busy parents or the elderly who physically can't attend meetings would be able to watch from the comfort of their homes and at their convenience."

Members now have 80 days remaining in the 84th legislative session to navigate their bills through the House and Senate and onto the Governor's desk for signing. "I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues over the next two and a half months to pass these common sense bills," said Rep. Fallon.

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