House Representative

Sheffield, J. D.


Sheffield Files Child Protection Bill

Austin- Feb. 3 2015- State Representative J.D. Sheffield has filed House Bill 1064 to extend additional protections for children against convicted sex offenders. The bill requires that a convicted sex offender not work or reside within a child safety zone in unincorporated areas.

This bill better defines a “child safety zone” by listing specific areas where children often congregate. This list of prohibited places includes public and private schools, playgrounds, day-care facilities, sporting venues, and movie theaters among other areas. Currently, convicted sex offenders that are no longer on probation or parole have fewer restrictions especially in areas that are unincorporated. Many municipalities currently have similar regulations already in place but these protections are not afforded to rural areas.

“This bill is in response to local law enforcement’s need for additional tools to protect children in places where they commonly gather,” said State Representative J.D. Sheffield. “This legislative session I am committed to working with local authorities to address areas in the statute to better protect children.”

Dr. Sheffield is also the author of House Bill 404 that defines volunteer activities that convicted sex offenders cannot engage.

Dr. J.D. Sheffield is a family practice physician elected to the Texas Legislature in 2012. District 59 is comprised of eight counties: Comanche, Coryell, Erath, Hamilton, McCulloch, Mills, San Saba, and Somervell.

Andrew Johnson