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Bohac, Dwayne


Want to Get Your Family From 290 to I-10 Without the Complexity of the 610 Interchange? Soon You Can

Houston, TX -- Recently, State Representative Dwayne Bohac met with TxDOT officials to discuss the progress of the 290 expansion project and tour the soon-to-be completed "flyover lane” which will directly link inbound 290 with I-10 East/West. This 1.4 mile elevated, dedicated lane takes motorists coming inbound from Jersey Village on 290 directly to I-10 and is on track to open this September. A second direct connector, scheduled to open in 2016, will provide motorists traveling inbound from Katy with direct access to both outbound 290 and the eastbound 610 North Loop.

"Since voting to authorize Proposition 12 bond funding of TxDOT projects in 2009 and 2011, the 290 expansion has been at the top of my transportation priority list," Rep. Bohac said. "Everyone that has driven in Houston knows that the I-10/610/290 mixing bowl is not only complex to navigate, but can be dangerous. These new direct connectors will mean that you can travel between I-10 and 290 without ever having to put one single tire on Loop 610. This innovative design will play a critical role in improving traffic flow and safety. Separating this traffic into dedicated lanes will mitigate congestion on both 290 and the North Loop, resulting in improved travel times and better congestion ratings along these thoroughfares.”

The estimated cost of the connectors is approximately $60 million, with most of that emanating from the fact that these lanes are virtually entirely elevated and require significant steel infrastructure. “Driving on the flyover that connects 290 to I-10,” Rep. Bohac remarked, “I was struck by the sheer length of the elevated roadway, and I realized that once you commit to this direct connector, you're not getting off until your reach the other highway!”

“With 250,000 cars driving through the I-10/610/290 interchange every day, this congested and hard-to-navigate area is perhaps the most complex part of the 290 expansion project. Since the early planning stages of this project nearly a decade ago, I have been fascinated by these unique flyover direct connector lanes. These lanes will alleviate the inevitable stress that drivers have felt for years as they approach the interchange; and because of the partnership between the State Legislature, TxDOT and Harris County, drivers will enjoy the benefits sooner than expected."

When completed, the Highway 290 project will extend 38 miles from the Harris/Waller County Line to the 610 Loop. The entire proposed project by TxDOT (in partnership with the Harris County Toll Road Authority) will cost $4.7 billion and includes a parallel Hempstead Tollway along the Hempstead Highway with additional reserve that can be designated for rail. The interim plan, which stretches from the 610 Loop to the Grand Parkway, will be completed by 2017 at a cost of $1.8 billion. The interim plan calls for four general-purpose lanes with two- or three-lane frontage roads and two or three reversible managed lanes in the middle carrying high-occupancy vehicles, in addition to the direct connectors.

On November 6, 2012, Representative Dwayne Bohac was re-elected to represent House District 138. He is a small businessman and lifelong District 138 resident. During the 79th Legislative Session, Bohac renamed the stretch of 290 between the 610 Loop and the Harris County Line the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway.

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