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Farrar, Jessica


Rep. Farrar Responds to 5th Circuit Ruling in HB 2 Legal Challenge

Today, the 5th Circuit released its opinion upholding two provisions of Texas's omnibus abortion regulation law, with one exception. That decision reverses District Court Judge Yeakel's decision holding parts of the law unconstitutional. Judge Yeakel held last fall that the admitting privileges provision of the law was unconstitutional and that the medical abortion provision was unconstitutional under certain conditions. After today's decision, both of those provisions will remain in effect, except with respect to abortion providers who "timely applied" for admitting privileges but are still waiting for the hospital to respond.

"The 5th Circuit's ruling is another setback for Texas women's health," Representative Farrar said. "Requiring providers to have admitting privileges is medically unnecessary, yet it adds delay and expense to women seeking abortions. Moreover, the medical abortion provision, which requires doctors to follow an outdated protocol, makes it more difficult for women to access a less invasive abortion service and increases the costs for women who may have to travel, take off from work, or find childcare for multiple office visits. Simply put, this ruling upholds a law that makes it increasingly difficult for a woman to access a safe and legal abortion."

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