House Representative

Raymond, Richard Peņa



~ Raymond Appointed to Special Session Select Committee~

AUSTIN – Almost immediately after the 140-day Legislative session ended, Governor Perry called a special session to consider redistricting legislation. As a result, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, (San Antonio) appointed Rep. Richard Peña Raymond (Laredo) ,Chairman of the House Committee on Human Services, to the 19 member Select Committee on Redistricting to oversee the process in the House. Additionally, the Lieutenant Governor appointed a Select Committee on Redistricting for the Texas Senate.

The Committee will oversee legislation pertaining to districts maps used to elect members of the Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate and United States House of Representatives.

“I am privileged and honored to be appointed to the nineteen member committee, and I pledge to take the lead role in protecting voting rights for Laredo citizens and all Texans,” said Rep. Raymond. “This is an important assignment, and I intend to devote my full energy and spirit defending fair representation in Austin and in Washington.”

Public hearings were held at the Capitol this past Friday and Saturday and additional statewide hearings are currently being planned for the special session. Please click the following links for official notices for upcoming hearings and full videos of previous hearings on the Redistricting Select Committee.

Rep. Raymond encourages all to make plans to attend these important hearings and to continue voicing your concerns to his office at (512)-463-0558 or (956) 753-7722.

David Leo
(512) 463-0558