House Representative

Sheffield, J. D.


House Approves Public School Changes

State Representative J.D. Sheffield (Gatesville) supported House Bill 5 that addresses important changes to Texas public schools. House Bill 5, authored by Public Education Committee Chairman Jimmie Don Aycock (Killeen), improves education in three critical ways: It gives students more flexibility to explore their individual interests as they prepare for higher education and the workforce; it reduces the burden of standardized tests, which play too large a role in our education system; and it provides new measures to make our schools more accountable.

House Bill 5 lowers the number of required end of course exams. "We are placing too much pressure on students and teachers," said Sheffield. "Teachers are losing too many classroom days preparing and administering tests. These changes will allow more time to prepare students for the real world-- not to take a standardized test."

The third key aspect of the bill provides for a more complete approach to school accountability. For instance, schools would be required to disclose financial measurements alongside educational performance. "Taxpayers need to know how schools are performing in areas besides standardized test scores," said Sheffield.