House Representative

Price, Four


Price Joint Authors House Bill 105, Supports Texas Parks

Austin, TX --- State Representative Four Price has given his full support to a legislative measure that allows the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to use more of the money collected from the sale of sporting goods equipment in order to maintain Texas parks.

"Every time someone buys a piece of sporting goods equipment – from a baseball, to hunting and fishing items – the tax collected on the sale of such items has been dedicated, meaning it can only be used for parks and wildlife purposes," Price said. "However, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is only able to spend a small portion of the money it collects each year, and as a result, many maintenance and repair needs at our state parks are going unfunded. This is a fundamental problem, particularly in times of drought and devastating wildfires."

House Bill 105, authored by Representative Lyle Larson and joint authored by Price, aims to improve state parks and ensure the continued existence of native Texas plants and wildlife. Specifically, the bill calls for amending the Tax Code to require that 94 percent of proceeds levied from the sale, storage, or use of sporting goods go directly to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, with the other 6 percent going to the Texas Historical Commission. Public testimony on HB 105 was heard by the House Ways & Means Committee on March 4th.

"If money is collected for a specific purpose, it should go towards that purpose. If not, the sales tax collected for that purpose should be eliminated altogether," Price said. "As someone who enjoys the outdoors and outdoor recreation, I hope my fellow lawmakers will join Representative Larson and me in safeguarding our natural resources by supporting House Bill 105."