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Reynolds, Ron


Representative Ron Reynolds Files Legislation To Create TxDOT Fund For Small Businesses

Austin, TX — March 5, 2013 — State Representative Ron Reynolds (HD 27) recently filed HB2326, creating a disadvantaged business assistance program to be operated by the Texas Department of Transportation. As a small business owner, Rep. Reynolds believes state agencies can play a vital role in assisting businesses that are identified as disadvantaged.

HB 2326 is a bill that allows the Texas Department of Transportation to establish a fund to provide financing to stimulate the development of businesses that are identified as disadvantaged.

Rep. Reynolds said, "I believe that we should have programs crafted to remove barriers in state agency contracting, as well as, developing disadvantage businesses, so that they can compete successfully in the marketplace."

HB 2326 seeks to assist economically disadvantaged business owners and those whom access to financial opportunities has hampered their ability to compete in the free enterprise system. The objective is to help them build capacity and ultimately create more jobs.