House Representative

Stephenson, Phil


Stephenson Committee Appointments Announced

Representative Phil Stephenson received his committee appointments on Thursday, January 31st, along with the rest of the Texas House of Representatives. House Speaker, Joe Strauss, assigned Stephenson to serve both on the Government Efficiency and Reform Committee and the Pensions Committee.

"Attacking waste and fraud was my primary message during the campaign. My appointment to the Government and Efficiency Reform Committee gives me the tool to fulfill that aim." Representative Stephenson said.

Representative Stephenson also took time to comment on his appointment to the Pensions Committee,

"This will help us address the complex issues at the core of our Texas Retirement Systems, their management, regulation and sustainability." Representative Stephenson said.

In closing Stephenson commented, "I am deeply honored to have these two appointments. Both committees have excellent senior leadership. My background as a Certified Public Accountant, as well as the years I spent as Trustee at Wharton County Junior College, will aid me in my new appointments."