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Rep. Larry Gonzales to be featured on The Today Show and Parade Magazine

-Discussion focuses on Hispanics, Policy and Politics-

ROUND ROCK – Texas State Representative Larry Gonzales (Round Rock), announced today that he has accepted an invitation to appear in Parade Magazine and on The Today Show as part of a panel discussion regarding Hispanics and their impact on American politics and policy.

“I am honored to be invited to New York City to engage in this important panel discussion,” said Rep. Gonzales. “We need to have an honest debate and conversation about the many important issues facing this country, and what role the Hispanic community will have in shaping policy decisions.”

The panelists include: Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, who delivered the keynote address earlier this year at the Democratic National Convention; Linda Alvarado, owner of a Denver-based construction company and also the first Latina owner of a professional sports team, the Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball; Cristina Jimenez, co-founder and managing director of the United We Dream Network, the national youth-led group that is helping undocumented students attain legal status.

Discussion topics will include five categories:
- Politics: The conversation will focus in particular on the 2012 elections, which saw Hispanics effectively deciding the election, as well as implications for 2016;
- Education: Latinos have the highest dropout rate and lowest college graduation rate of any groups. The panel will explore the reasons for this and strategies for improving these results;
- Economy: Latinos were harder hit in the economic downturn than any other group. Guests will discuss how we can ensure that Latinos have access to the American Dream;
- Immigration: The panelists will discuss what “comprehensive immigration reform” looks like;
- Culture: Panelists will share their personal stories, what it means to be Latino, and how being Latino is present in their everyday lives.

Hispanics continue to be the fastest growing demographic in America and in Texas, with one in every two births in Texas being Hispanic. Statewide, 50.9% of all students enrolled in public schools from early education through twelfth grade are Hispanic. And in 2005, Texas became a majority minority state (the Anglo population is less than 50% of the total population.)

“The changing demographics of Texas and across the country are obvious,” Rep. Gonzales said. “From a strictly partisan perspective, how proceed with public policy decisions will have a major impact on Hispanic communities, state and country, and will ultimately decide the future of our Party.”

“Conservative Hispanics in Texas are very pragmatic and have a great knowledge of the issues. I feel strongly that Texas will lead the country on Hispanic issues, and it will be the conservative Hispanics who lead Texas.”

Courtney Forsell
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