House Representative

Lucio III, Eddie



State Representative Eddie Lucio III filed the first set of his legislative agenda for the 83rd Legislative Session. Today was the first day for legislators to pre-file their legislation.

Rep. Eddie Lucio III, who will be entering his fourth legislative session in office, is committed to lowering tuition costs and rewarding those who volunteer with their community. One of the bills that Rep. Lucio III filed, “Serve Your Way to College,” is a pilot program in which volunteers would be able exchange their service hours for tuition units.

Rep. Lucio III also re-filed the “Rio Grande Valley School of Law” bill which would create and establish a law school in deep South Texas. Currently, there is no law school south of San Antonio. A major part of his long-term legislative agenda is working towards the creation of a law school in the Rio Grande Valley.

"Making college more affordable and expanding higher education opportunities are just one of my top priorities. South Texas is the verge on getting a medical school and I will work just as hard to get a law school in the South Texas region,” said Rep. Lucio.

Rep. Lucio III filed the “Student-Athlete Safety Bill,” which mandates that student athletes that have suffered a concussion must undergo an assessment before being allowed to participate or practice for an athletic activity sponsored or sanctioned by the University Interscholastic League (UIL).

Additionally, Rep. Lucio III will continue to pursue the “Texting While Driving Bill” in which drivers would not be able to use a wireless communication device to write or send text-based communication while operating a motor vehicle unless the vehicle is stopped.

"Our high school athletes deserve safe regulations while participating in school sponsored activities. Passing the Student-Athlete Safety Bill will safeguard the health of our Texas athletes. Texting while driving can potentially harm other drivers. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases where carelessness has resulted in loss of life. General welfare is most important in all that we do, including protecting our children and protecting others while on the road. "