House Representative

District 62


New House Committees Created

One of the first actions that members of the House of Representatives take during the legislative session is to adopt a set of House Rules which govern the operating procedures of the House. A major component of this sessionís rules included the creation of four new substantive House committees, bringing the total number of committees to forty. Each of the new committees will contain seven members.

The newly created House Committee on Government Reform will have jurisdiction over state agency organization, operation, powers, regulations, and management and elimination of inefficiencies in the provision of state services.

The new Local Government Ways and Means Committee has been derived from the current Ways and Means Committee, which primarily deals with issues concerning state taxing and revenue. The committee will handle proposals involving changes to local government revenue and taxing statutes, including property tax appraisal and collection.

The Committee on Border and International Affairs will pick up some of the duties of the current State, Federal, and International Relations Committee, including issues concerning relations between Texas and other nations, international trade, economic development, and tourism. Additionally, the committee will focus on provision of public services to border residents.

The final newly-created committee is the Regulated Industries Committee with jurisdiction over the regulation of electric and telecommunications utilities, science and technology, pipelines and other common carriers, and other industries not specifically assigned to another committee. The agencies under its jurisdiction will be the Public Utility Commission, the Office of Public Utility Counsel, and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board.

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