House Representative

Lucio III, Eddie


Rep. Eddie Lucio III - Hispanic Heritage Month 2012

This Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the ethnic background of the millions of Hispanics in the United States. This national observation began in 1968 when President Lyndon Baines Johnson recognized the increasing Hispanic population.

The Hispanic population in the United States has grown immensely during the past couple of years. There was a 2.3 million population increase nation-wide this past year and of those, 1.3 million people were of Hispanic heritage. This is a significant number that shows how vital Hispanics are to our booming population. It is estimated that 53 million Hispanics currently live in the United States and that 89% of our district is of Hispanic heritage. Hispanics have significantly influenced the American culture through their voting turnouts.

Despite the high number of Hispanic individuals in our country, the voting numbers are low. Even though even though they are low, they are the highest they have ever been. It is currently estimated that a shear 10% of Cameron County residents vote. Increasing the voting numbers in our area have been a long-time goal of many Valley residents. Higher numbers would mean a much stronger voice for our region. It is important that we encourage family members, friends, and coworkers to head out to the polls on Election Day.

Essentially, it is our goal to increase Hispanic voter turnout. Encouraging a higher voter turnout would bring about greater American values to our area. Voting is a privilege to which our democracy entitles us. Taking advantage of such wonderful privilege is not only our best way of voicing our concerns, but also in electing our officials. Hispanics are considered the largest minority in the United States.

The Valley is privileged to have two cultures meeting at the border. Celebrations such as Charro Days and Dia de los Muertos are often celebrated in the Valley as a result of our Hispanic heritage.

All in all, Hispanics have made countless contributions to our society. Let's take this month to reflect on those great achievements and to enjoy our region's vast Hispanic heritage.