House Representative

Flynn, Dan


Representative Flynn Supports Life and Continued Funding for the Women's Health Program

AUSTIN, TX— The Texas House Caucus sent out the following letter on March 13.

We, the undersigned members of the Texas Legislature, voted for Senate Bill 7 during the first called Session of the 82nd Legislature in 2011, which included provisions to prohibit abortion providers and their affiliates from receiving Texas taxpayer dollars.

The Texas Constitution empowers our legislature with the responsibility to pass the laws that govern our state, and we fully expect and support Governor Perry's efforts to enforce legislation that was duly passed and signed into law by the governor.

The rule of law must be respected in Texas, and there can be no discretion regarding which laws are to be enforced. We stand ready to work with Governor Perry and other state leaders to continue providing women's health services funded through Senate Bill 7, in full compliance with Texas law.

As a member of the Texas House Caucus, Representative Dan Flynn proudly supports continued funding for the Women's Health Program while respecting Right to Life Issues. Representative Flynn stated, "As a lawmaker, I believe it is necessary that the laws set forth be respected by all Texans. Because of this, the Women's Health Program must continue to be supported through funding as stated by Senate Bill 7, which prohibits abortion providers from receiving Texas taxpayer dollars."