House Representative

District 62


Phillips Named Vice-Chair of House Transportation Committee

Committee assignments were handed out on Thursday, January 30 by Speaker of the House Tom Craddick. The assignments are influenced in part by the individual representative's occupation, community involvement, preference, and seniority. Representative Larry Phillips was assigned to two committees: the State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee and the Transportation Committee.

"I am very pleased with my committees," said Rep. Phillips. "I believe both of these committees will allow me to address issues important to the citizens of Grayson and Fannin counties."

Representative Phillips was named Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee. Transportation oversees the state's highway system, railroads, airports, and water transportation. The licensing of commercial and private vehicles is also under the committee's jurisdiction.

"A strong transportation infrastructure is invaluable to the economic stability and growth of Texas. I look forward to working with the many issues Texas faces in regards to transportation," Rep. Phillips said.

The Committee on State Cultural and Recreational Resources has jurisdiction over monuments, memorials, historical landmarks, and the Texas Historical Commission, as well as the promotion of tourism and image of Texas. The committee also oversees state parks, hunting and fishing in the state, and the fish and oyster industries.

"Texas is blessed with a rich cultural and historical background. Many of the issues this committee faces will concern our area, which is especially gifted in both cultural and natural resources," Rep. Phillips said.